3 Ways a Professional Photographer Can Improve Your Branding

3 Ways a Professional Photographer Can Improve Your Branding

When someone sees your website or your social media pages, what’s the first thing they see? They see the images. Large images are meant to be eye catchers. They help bring the reader into your site or page and guide them through the copy to learn about you and your services. In just a few precious seconds, visitors to your site can determine from the images if this product is something they want or if you are someone who could help them.

So why is it – if photographic images have such an important job – that people insist on creating their own images? Photography remains a top DIY task yet hiring a professional photographer can elevate your business image exponentially, by using a few well-thought out poses.

The biggest reason people don’t use a professional photographer is the cost. But consider this a business investment. You want to hire experts for your team, right? Your photographer is a team member, so plan accordingly throughout the year.


1. Photographers know how to properly compose photographs. Believe it or not, there’s a LOT to know and understand about photographic composition. It’s much more than aiming your cell phone camera at a certain angle and snapping a selfie. They take in all the outside components of location, lighting, and props and combine them all into beautiful, stylish, and professional photos. Selfies versus professional shots equals more professional, high-end business image.

2. Professionals have the right equipment to produce high resolution photos. High resolution is important for any kind of printing you need and just looks cleaner and sharper when used online. The right equipment makes such a difference and the proof is in the finished product. Photographers who have been in business a while will likely invest back into their equipment, so look for those who have the latest cameras and lighting equipment. They should also be well versed in digital editing for those instances when you have someone (or something!) photobomb your shoot.

3. Photographers are artists who can interpret your business image and bring that image to life through photos. Of course, different artists will interpret the same thing in different ways so it’s always important to interview photographers to be sure your vision and their interpretation match. If you want ‘lifestyle’ photos that show you at your desk or sipping coffee versus stoic, formal photos, be sure to look at portfolios of lifestyle photographers. The recent trend for weddings is lifestyle photos that look more like candid photos instead of the older, traditional stand-in-a-line posing so consider interviewing wedding photographers if you love their work.


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