Add VIP Days Into Your Schedule for Quick Results

Add VIP Days Into Your Schedule for Quick Results

All of your clients want to feel special and you should treat them all as if they are VIPs but if you want to increase your income quickly while also helping your most aggressive clients reach their goals faster, adding VIP days into your coaching schedule is the way to go.


Quite simply it’s a day (or half a day) dedicated to just one client. It’s a hard core coaching session that has the potential to yield huge results, provided your client is ready for such in-depth and quick work. Both you and your VIP client should come prepared to work hard with resources at hand to make the most of your time together.


Those who want to work quickly and don’t have time for weekly sessions would be enticed by a VIP Day. They may be brand new clients for you or they may be past clients who need more help. Your VIP client will also see the value in paying a higher price than your weekly session package and will value your hands-on, dedicated work. A poor choice for VIP clients would be anyone who works slowly or who tries to negotiate the price. One way to avoid poor clients is to offer an application process. Ask prospects questions pertinent to what you offer and then decide whether or not to offer an invitation. This is the time to be picky.


You and your client need to do some prep work prior to the actual VIP day. Your client needs to have clear cut goals of what they want to accomplish and you need to have the knowledge and resources available to aid them reaching those goals. Schedule a call ahead of time to discuss these things so you’re both prepared on the big day to tackle the tasks.

Or, to make your life easier, you can create one or two VIP packages for client to choose. For instance, a Getting Started package would focus on behind-the-scenes business processes and finding those first clients. Or a Getting Unstuck package would involve looking at current processes and making refinements and help your client get excited about their business again.

VIP clients should know well ahead of time that their one-time payment must be paid in full before you start any work, especially if you’re traveling to see a client in person. Consider an online VIP Day via Zoom or Skype for those who can’t travel.

When the big day arrives, work is the name of the game so keep the small talk limited. Your client is depending on you to guide them and keep them focused on the end game so be prepared to do that. Stay focused on the goals list and if they start to diverge into something unrelated to their stated goals, bring them back to the list.


For your client, the greatest benefit is having dedicated attention, the ability to work quickly, and someone to keep them focused. Depending on what’s on their goal list, they may accomplish multiple small goals or one monstrous goal.

For you, the greatest benefit besides helping your client is the quick influx of cash. Your pricing should reflect your level of expertise and any travel expenses you incur. Don’t second guess your price…VIP clients are reserving you for a whole day and your time is valuable.


VIP days are just one way to make clients feel special. I’ve got 5 other no-cost tips that will endear you to your clients, simply because it shows that you were thinking of them. Join my webinar live to discover these tips along with ways to implement them into your business quickly. EXPLORE THE ACADEMY FOR MORE INFO