Having Trouble Creating Products for Your Business? Take a Multimedia Approach…

Having Trouble Creating Products for Your Business? Take a Multimedia Approach…

It’s such a common problem: We’re told that we need to create products for our customers but when we sit down at the computer to create, we’re stuck. How long do you stare at a blank page before getting frustrated and giving up? I’ve been known to start and stop typing at least a dozen times before giving up.

Having the best idea for a product doesn’t make it any easier to get it produced if you’re having writer’s block or if you’ve never produced a product before. It can certainly be intimidating and slow going, especially if you’re forcing yourself to write when that form of media is not your forte.


Not every product has to involve writing, although that’s typically what we think about first when talking about business products. We can thank Amazon and the advent of eBooks for that. Instead of stressing about how you’ll get the product done, think instead about forms of media that you feel more comfortable using, such as recording your voice, either on video or using just the audio.

So, if you want to publish an eBook but you struggle with writing, one option is to hire a writer, although that will be costly. If you’re a natural born speaker, consider simply writing bullet points and then recording your voice with a voice recorder app on your phone. Send that voice recording to a transcriptionist so they can type it up, then you can edit it yourself or hire someone to edit for you. Voila, you have an eBook!

If you are a natural speaker, consider creating a video series. You’ll still want to have a basic outline with bullet points, but turn that camera on and just start talking! It’s incredibly easy with smart phones these days but do watch your lighting and consider using a lapel mic to avoid problems with your audio levels. Start off with a few livestreams first to perfect those settings and then start recording your series. Now you have a multi-lesson video class.

Want to offer transcripts of that video series? Send off the videos to your transcriptionist. Include those transcripts with the videos or offer it as an eBook alone at a lower price point.

Don’t like the idea of being on camera? Consider recording a webinar or a teleseminar. A webinar is a video platform that allows you to share slides while you speak – or share the webcam of your guest – whereas a teleseminar is strictly audio. You could certainly do a series in either format while also offering transcripts. If people can’t attend the live session, put a price tag on the recordings plus transcripts. Instant paid product!

In the end, it’s up to YOU to figure out a way to produce your product within your budget and without stressing yourself out. Just know that writing is not the ONLY way to produce a product so start asking your business acquaintances for referrals for writers, transcriptionists, and video editors.


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