How Consistent Product Branding Can Lead to Increased Sales

How Consistent Product Branding Can Lead to Increased Sales

I have no doubt that before you opened your coaching doors you thought long and hard about the branding of your company, from the logo design to the colors of your website. The same kind of branding strategy should occur when you’re creating products for your audience.

While the product graphics don’t have to look exactly like your website, there should be repeating elements so your subscribers and clients will recognize the product as being yours. Whether that’s the same color palette or font, repetition develops trust and name recognition. And once people trust you, they are more likely to become repeat buyers.

Repetition is also important when you have a series of products, whether it’s a series of ebooks, webinars, or classes. For instance, you know that section of Amazon that shows the “Customers who bought this also bought” section? If an author’s series of books shows up, all looking similar in design, the reader would know right away that this author is a credible authority because, after all, look at all the books she’s published!

If the books in this section are all different in design – whether it’s because they are by different authors or because the series author didn’t think about consistent branding – the credibility rating is not as dramatic. The readers might think they belong to all different authors or they cover topics different from the original book they published. Make it as easy as possible for customers to recognize and purchase your products through consistent visual branding. Making them confused or having to jump through hoops will lessen your sales and possibly hurt your credibility.


So many coaches focus on the high end products and forget that not all their clients will purchase their high end product right away. In fact, that’s the rarity instead of the norm.

In most cases, people will hear your name and want to learn more about you. But they’ve worked hard for their money and will likely want to hear you speak or understand what your coaching practices and beliefs are prior to buying a package from you.

What better way to encourage potential new clients than to offer low end products for them to test out before buying a high end coaching product?

This is why I’m hosting a webinar about the webinar How to Build Your Low End Product Empire, strictly for coaches who want to bring more people into their sales funnel and make more money in the process.

We’ll talk about the 4 types of products that are easiest to make that customers absolutely love. We’ll also chat about how to price these products, how to incorporate these products into a sales funnel, and what products will entice people to join your tribe.

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