How Journaling and the Law of Attraction Work Together

How Journaling and the Law of Attraction Work Together

Journaling is a popular way to relax after a long day; organize your business ideas and goals; share your gratitude for the good in your life; or track your health and/or personal goals. The Law of Attraction is a belief system that claims the universe will manifest what you want or need in your life at just the right time. Basically, what you focus on will become reality; so if you focus on the good in your life, more good will appear. If you are pessimistic about life, you will attract more doom and gloom.

But how do these two things work in tandem? Quite simply, with the Law of Attraction you may focus on a more general goal, such as making more money, and with journaling you can dive deeper into specific thoughts or action steps that will lead you to making more money (or whatever your goal is). Even if you are very specific about what you want to manifest – maybe you want a speaking gig at a particular conference or you want to meet your idol at a particular event – you can still focus your journaling on making specific plans to arrive at those venues and organizing where and how you’ll meet your idol. When you combine your focused thoughts with your focused journaling, you are taking focused action to making these things happen.


One difference about journaling to manifest your goals is to write your goals down in present tense, as if you have already achieved them. This is a bit different from other journaling advice, which usually states to write down your hopes and dreams in an effort to work towards them.

In this case, using present tense allows you to give your dreams life and to imagine the ideal life you want for yourself. Focusing on these specifics allows you to take action on the smaller steps you need in order to make these goals actually come true. Writing in the present tense and actually FEELING the emotions these entries bring also sends out frequencies to the Universe which must then manifest what you desire. Using those desires along with the specific action steps in your journal is a win-win situation.

What if I Don’t Believe in the Law of Attraction?

Everyone is certainly entitled to their own belief system and I’m not trying to recruit you into this way of thinking. If you don’t believe, continue to journal and create those action steps. Absolutely nothing happens without some sort of action, so consider your journal to be your action guide. List your specific goals; break those down into simple tasks; and work your way down the list until you meet your goal. Your mind is still focused on the positive goal; you’re putting your desires onto paper along with your action steps; and you’re completing the tasks (aka taking action) so you have a good possibility of reaching those goals, no matter what belief system you adopt.


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