How to get the most out of your role models

How to get the most out of your role models

Living or dead, ancient or contemporary, real person or fictional character, encountered on a daily basis or from time to time, several role models have always accompanied us, shaped us, starting with parental figures.

Most of us have a role model in life, and in many cases when we are asked the question we cite our parents. Indeed, the people who raise us, as well as the adults around us, will help us establish a direction to follow, which will help us make decisions about what we want to be and what we aspire to.

But beyond our parents, we might have other inspiring figures in our lives. We might find role models in celebrities or even fictional characters. Maybe you aspire to be like Michelle Obama. Maybe you always found yourself in a movie star.

No matter where we draw our inspiration from, we must know that the people we admire and who can help us build ourselves, also have the potential to mislead us. Indeed, in many cases, having models can be advantageous. Their qualities motivate us and encourage us to pursue our own projects to improve. But, idols can also be dangerous. It's important to learn how to get the most out of our models.


The first thing to realize is that no one is perfect. Being inspired by someone is one thing, but idealizing them is unhealthy. What's important here is that you recognize the limitations of your model and don't put them on a pedestal.

For example, when young girls look at magazines containing models, they see that the models have perfect bodies, unblemished skin, and perfectly in place hair. They don't see the makeup, the hours of preparation, and the photo editing. So these young girls think they can and should be like that.

Don't ignore their faults, take inspiration from their good qualities, but be wise enough to learn from their mistakes.

Have multiple role models, while remaining authentic to who you are.


Another thing to avoid is comparing yourself to others. Role models can help us gain vision and inspiration, but in some cases they can also harm our self-esteem if we directly compare ourselves to their success. Try to find models who are similar to you or who work in the same industry as yours. This way, you will find that there will be more things you can learn from them.

Finally, even if no one builds things alone, don't forget to be yourself! Tell yourself that you too may be someone else's role model.

So, make sure you recognize that you also have the potential to be an inspiration.