Is Using Private Label Rights Content the Same as Plagiarizing?

Is Using Private Label Rights Content the Same as Plagiarizing?

Let’s debunk a myth right this minute: using Private Label Rights content (or PLR) is NOT plagiarizing! Here’s why:

Plagiarizing is when you copy and paste someone else’s printed words into your own document and claim that it’s your own work. Doesn’t matter if it’s one sentence, one quote, or an entire document; if it’s taken directly from another work, without any quotation marks or citations, it’s plagiarizing.

On the other hand, when you purchase PLR, you purchase a LICENSE giving you permission to use the text as is or to make any edits to it. You can brand it with your colors and logo, you can add your name to it, you can add your own case studies to it. That license gives you permission to make as many or as few changes as you like. It’s really no different than hiring a ghostwriter to do the work for you and then you publish the work with your name on it.

The Duplicate Content Issue

For years content creators believed that having duplicate content or plagiarized content on your site would result in Google giving you a stiff penalty in the search engines. While there’s no true penalty, if the Google bots see multiple articles written exactly the same, either plagiarized or PLR that wasn’t edited, Google may offer only one of those results to the searchers, which could result in YOUR site being hidden. Who wants to see multiple search results of the same article? Nobody, which is why some sites don’t show up if they offer the exact same content wording.

Make Your PLR Unique

If you purchase PLR, spend some time making edits and adding your own flair to the pieces. PLR is meant to be a starting point for your content creation, not the final product (that’s why we have ghostwriters). Adding your flair can include rewriting in your own voice, with your own words, in your own personal style that attracts your tribe. Be creative with your written PLR and use it as a script for a video. Take single ideas from an article and make a series of blog posts or a series of videos. Take these same ideas and create an infographic. You’re only limited by your own creativity.

More Content Creation Tweaks

If you want some more ideas of how to tweak your content to make it more unique and how to reuse content you already have in different ways, join me for my free webinar, “5 Tiny Content Tweaks that Boast Big Benefits.” Content is king on the internet and sometimes we encounter writer’s block. I’ll give you content ideas that you can run with that will fill your editorial calendar for months.