Your Tribe WANTS to Hear from You So Give Them What They Want

Your Tribe WANTS to Hear from You So Give Them What They Want

Part of your marketing effort is sharing your philosophy and coaching style with your followers in the hopes that they will get to know, like, and trust you enough to become a coaching client or purchase your product (marketing in a nutshell). As with any comprehensive marketing plan, it needs to be in constant motion, continuously bringing prospects into your sales funnel with the hope of turning them into customers or clients.

What do you suppose happens to those prospects when you go silent, either on social media, your blog, or your email list? Do you think they will search you out to be sure you’re OK? Do you think they will just patiently wait for your next email explaining why you were absent for so long? Will they even remember your name after a long absence? Or will they find another expert who is more consistent with their communication and offers to help?

Your marketing goal is to collect followers on social media, readers of your blog, and those interested in your emails. Sometimes those groups will overlap but essentially, you are gathering your ideal clients across numerous platforms. You’re growing your tribe and they deserve to be treated like gold, especially if they are giving up their email addresses and investing their time with you.

Avoid Silence; Schedule Daily Interactions

The only way to prevent your followers from forgetting your name is to consistently put your name in front of them. Don’t spam them with offers but post on social media daily; send daily or weekly emails; and write a blog post once or twice a week. The emails and blog posts can easily alternate during the week but the social media needs to be daily, most likely multiple times a day. Enlist the help of your VA or a social media manager if these tasks take too much time away from your paying clients.

Outsourcing is a wonderful thing but your interactions with your tribe still need your personal touch. One way to do this is by answering questions and leaving comments on social media. This engagement with your tribe is always welcome, especially if a good discussion is happening. Cross promote your social media links to your email list and vice versa. Always have your social links on your blog so your readers can find you on other platforms. Promote your blog posts via email and on social media but mix those posts with fun, educational, and engaging posts that get people commenting. Share snippets of your real life to show your tribe that you have the same issues they do or to just link a human face with your company name.

Mix Things Up and Use Different Media to Communicate

I’m a big believer in stick to what works but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment in the hopes of attracting new people. Examine your media outlets on a regular basis and try mixing it up a little. Search for podcasts where you can be a guest (or even a guest host, if you’re bold!); hold a webinar, do Facebook Lives, or start recording videos for those who prefer the live video connection. You might just be surprised at how well-received these are from your audience. If one or all of these rocket your number of followers, consider adding them into your regular marketing plan.

One More Way to Connect with Your Tribe

A very profitable way to connect with your tribe is to create an online course. What better way to showcase your expertise and increase your credibility among this very savvy group of followers. I’ve got a free webinar coming up titled, “4 Easy Ways to Create Your First Online Course,” which gives you quick and easy ways to get your course into production. Of course, some planning is necessary but if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got 100 course ideas spinning in your brain, right? Here’s the registration link.