Discover the coaching offers to develop today

Discover the coaching offers to develop today

Whatever your niche, whatever your client, a coaching program can be a real asset to your current product or service offering. If you do not already offer a form of coaching (or support for those who are not comfortable with the term “coaching”, or even mentoring), you can quickly start by creating one of these offers for your customers.


The simplest and perhaps least time-consuming coaching program you can create, email coaching allows your clients to contact you via email with any questions over a limited period of time (or a number of limited sessions). Typically, coaches ask their clients to limit their emails to one per day, and usually only during the week. In return, the coach agrees to respond quickly and in a thoughtful and thorough manner, generally within 24/48 hours.

Email coaching is very popular (and very common in Anglo-Saxon countries) because it is inexpensive, does not require an appointment schedule and can easily fit into a busy day. Coaches like this format because it allows them to respond when it's convenient for them (within reason) rather than blocking time for phone calls.


With a lower price point than one-on-one coaching and the added benefit of being able to bounce ideas off other group members, this style of coaching is quickly becoming a favorite among coaches and clients.

Group coaching sessions typically take place on a regular schedule – say once a week or twice a month – and all members meet via webinar or conference call service. The sessions can be free or planned in advance, but the group is generally constituted definitively. For example, in most group coaching programs, there is a start and end date, and all members join for the duration of the program.


This is probably what most people think about when they consider starting a coaching program or even hiring their own coach. In this style of coaching, the coach and client work together individually. They generally meet for a 30 to 60 minute phone call or for a face-to-face meeting on a regular schedule. During this time, they discuss the client's goals, what they have done to achieve them since the last meeting, and what they will do in the coming days or weeks to move forward.

Individual coaching sessions can take place weekly or monthly, and can be combined with group or email coaching, for a more comprehensive program.

Whatever style of coaching program you choose, keep in mind that your business and coaching style are as unique as you are. There is no universal program that would suit everyone. So adapt your new coaching program to your situation and that of the clients you want to attract.