Why some coaches prefer to keep their rates secret

Why some coaches prefer to keep their rates secret

When it comes to pricing as a coach, one of the trickiest decisions to make is whether to post your pricing or keep it secret. This question often divides coaching professionals, but the truth is that there is no single answer that fits all.

In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of both approaches so you can make an informed decision based on your situation and your goal as a coach.


Displaying your rates transparently has several advantages:

  1. Creation of trust : By displaying your prices, you show your transparency and honesty to your potential customers. This helps build trust from the start, which is essential in coaching.
  2. Customer Qualification : By displaying your prices, you filter out customers who are not ready to invest financially in your services. This allows you to focus on serious and engaged potential customers.
  3. Saves time : By displaying your rates, you avoid endless emails or phone calls with potential clients who can't afford your services. This allows you to save time and invest your energy in qualified leads.


Keeping your rates secret can also have its advantages:

  1. Offer customization : By keeping your rates secret, you can customize your offer based on each client’s specific needs and budget. This allows you to create tailor-made packages that meet your clients’ individual needs.
  2. Avoid price comparison : If you feel that your services are unique and you don't want to be compared based solely on your rates, keeping your rates secret may be an option. This allows you to highlight the added value you bring, rather than limiting yourself to a simple number.
  3. Negotiation : Keeping your rates secret gives you more flexibility to negotiate with potential clients. You can adjust your rates based on different factors such as the client's budget, program duration or commitment level.


Rather than choosing between displaying your rates or keeping them secret, you can consider a compromise by taking a semi-transparent approach:

  1. Provide a price range : Instead of revealing your exact prices, you can provide a price range to give potential customers a general idea of ​​your prices without revealing all the details.
  2. Offer a discovery consultation : Offer a free or low-cost consultation to discuss the client's needs and determine if you are a good match. This will allow you to evaluate the client's budget and propose a suitable offer.
  3. Focus on added value : Rather than focusing solely on pricing, highlight the benefits and added value that your services provide to customers. Make potential customers understand that the investment is worth it.

Whether you should post your rates or keep them secret depends on various factors such as your coaching style, market niche, and business goals. There is no universal right answer, but by weighing the pros and cons of each approach, you can make an informed decision that fits your needs.

Whatever you decide, remember that the value you provide as a coach is much greater than just the price you set.

For my part, for my high-end services, I choose a “secret” or “compromise” option. But on my entry-level training courses or my “ready to buy” products, transparency is obviously essential because it allows for a quick purchase. If you want to master the best marketing strategies and join the tribe of those who succeed online, I will be happy to welcome you to my Pro Online Coach program. Click here to join him .